The Program

This room has spaces for 15 children. There are three staff each day to carry out the routines and program. The staff  to child ratio is 3:15 in keeping with best practice.

The 2 and 3 year olds Program is designed to assist development in all areas especially pro-social and communication skills. The Curriculum that guides the program is The National Early Years Learning Framework.

Children aged between 2 and 3 years have different needs to the babies, but the environment needs to provide the same warm friendly atmosphere along with plenty of patience and time to allow the children to develop their communication skills, empathy to others and their independence.

We believe that children are capable and competent and that it is important to respect each child's learning. Children are encouraged to make choices and participate in play.

Family input into the program is invited to incorporate the child's strengths, interests and family focus.

The outdoor environment is seen as an extension of the classroom for investigating, exploring and relationship building. It is continually developing as a natural play area to suit children of all ages and stages of development.

For the active children we have a bike and scooter track, swings and adventure playground which has a rock climbing area, ladders and pathways to a bird feeder.

The bike track is shaded by Apple, Plums and a Cherry tree which also add to our awareness of the changing seasons and the life cycle of deciduous trees. Harvest time offers opportunities for collecting fruit for eating, juicing and cooking.

The garden has a vegetable growing area located in a central part of the garden adjoining an arbour seat which is covered by two Banksia roses. Two strawberry beds provide interest as the children eagerly watch and wait for the fruit to develop. The worm farm compost bin provides a great way of recycling food scraps and then our gardens benefit from the worm juice.

For those times when children choose to rest, a herb and sensory garden has developed in a quiet corner of the garden with a number of pathways leading to a long seat and a bird bath. The area invites children to sit and read or talk with friends. The entrance is framed with an archway that features galloping horses.

A large sandpit is located near a row of poplar trees which provides shade in summer but allows warming sunlight in winter. On hot days water flows down the the river bed and into the sandpit providing opportunities for water play and lots of fun.

The mountain weather means that we experience seasons of cold and snow as well as high temperatures and intense sunshine. As we value outdoor play and all that the outdoors offers, we have created a covered outdoor learning area for those extreme days. The area can  be enclosed by rolling down windowed blinds, creating a large usable space for the children to play in all weather.