The need for a preschool and early childhood care facility in Jindabyne was recognised by the community as early as 1991 when a steering committee was formed for Snowy Mountains Childcare Centre Incorporated. The existing Jindabyne Pre-school operated in the CWA Hall and this  moved to this facility  allowing  for a Preschool and long day care.

The government at the time deemed that Jindabyne did not warrant a childcare centre. As a result the community in partnership with the Snowy River Shire Council and parents began to fundraise and source land suitable for this purpose.

The centre opened in January 1997 with 30 childcare assisted places. In October 1997 it became apparent that the community needed the centre to restructure and to increase childcare assisted places from 30-50. When this was approved the ASPARD funding was forfeited. The centre then operated as an extended hours preschool and a childcare centre. Because the centre was built without government capital works funds, it was not (and is not) eligible to receive government funds.

Since then the centre has increased to a 56-place centre (in 2008).

In 2005 the centre changed its name to Snowy Mountains Care and Early Learning Centre, to better reflect the High Quality Care and Education provided by the highly trained staff.

The partnership with the Snowy River Shire Council and staff has continued. The centre has a lease agreement and a maintenance arrangement that has proved very effective.

The centre is financially self-sufficient and relies on fundraising within the centre and the wider community in order to continually improve.