OSHC Philosophy

Our Out of School Hours Care service strives to provide high quality care, offering diverse recreational programs designed to extend and enrich the wellbeing of school age children.

The program in guided by the National Framework: My Time, Our Place - framework for school age children, which places emphasis on developing life skills and a sense of enjoyment.

We aim to work in partnership with each indvidual family based on effective communication between parent, child and educator.

We respect children's involvment in the program and we value their ideas, interests and decisions. We believe children learn many skills through play and this enables them to simply enjoy "being".

We support children's opportunities to develop relationships within the school age environment by providing welcoming spaces that encourage social and leadership skills.

All aspects of a child's wellbeing - nutrition, safety, spiritual and physical - are of utmost importance.

We promote a sustainable environment where children are encouraged to take responsibility for their environment whether natural or constructed, and to nurture an understanding of the broader environment.

As educators we value each child's individual personalitities and abilities and their right to respect.

We engage the children in an environment that reflects the cultural diversity of Australia. We value children's rights to belong to many communities, taking an active invovlement in our community.